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Watch Mortal Kombat X’s Upcoming DLC Characters Deliver Brutal Combos!

A new trailer recently released showing off the four new characters from Mortal Kombat X’s Kombat Pack 2 DLC.

The start of the trailer shows off Leatherface, the Horror icon from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. He is shown in the trailer performing combos against Jason Voorhees brutally utilizing his chainsaw as he puts a massive beating on the fellow Horror icon.

Next up on the list is a character named Triborg who is a combination of Mortal Kombat characters Sektor, Cyrax, and Smoke. Each variation of Triborg being one of the beloved Mortal Kombat characters. Although Cyber Smoke was not playable in the previous Mortal Kombat installment, players will now get to play as the cyborg version of Smoke. The Triborg variations are seen using their characters signature specials such as Sektor’s missiles, Cyrax’s grenades and saw, and Smoke’s abilities all against Sub-Zero.

Bo’ Rai Cho is the third character featured in the trailer and seen not only beating down on Mortal Kombat Champion Liu Kang but comically vomiting and also farting on Liu. This is classic Bo’ Rai Cho that Mortal Kombat fans will be pleased to see the return of. Bo’ Rai Cho was featured in Mortal Kombat X’s Story Mode but was not featured as a playable character until now as he is going to be released as part of Kombat Pack 2.

Last but not least is the appearance of the Xenomorph from the Alien films, but is simply referred to as Alien in the game. The character seems to possess a similar style of fighting to D’vorah by using its tail in combat giving Alien a decent reach in his tail oriented attacks. Also seen in the gameplay trailer are the classic “Facehugger” from Alien as well as the use of the Xenomorph’s tongue which appears to be part of one of Alien’s fatalities about to be performed on Jacqui Briggs as seen in the trailer.

Along with these four new characters those who purchase Kombat Pack 2 for Mortal Kombat X will also receive the classic four armed brute Goro who was a pre-order exclusive at launch and the costume packs detailed below:

  • Apocalypse Pack –  The Apocalypse Pack includes apocalyptic themed skins for D’vorah, Erron Black, and Takeda.
  • Brazil Pack – The Brazil Pack features Futbol Cage, Capoeira Liu Kang and Gaucho Liu Kang. (currently available for $3.99)
  • Kold War Pack – The Kold War pack includes Motherland Sonya, Tundra Sub-Zero, and Revolution Kano. (currently available for $3.99)
  • Kold War Scorpion – A Kold War inspired skin for Scorpion made by fan artist named fear-sas. (currently available for purchase)

No price is listed yet for Kombat Pack 2 but the first Kombat Pack was sold for $30.

Mortal Kombat was released in April 2015 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. The Kombat Pack 2 DLC will be released in early 2016.

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