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Watch: Elite Dangerous Horizons will punish your Xbox

With Elite Dangerous already a massive success, the company behind the massive Universe sandbox released the latest trailer for the upcoming expansion. The extension to the game will allow you to land on any planet (if possible, we don’t expect to land on Gas Giants) within the universe, which comprises of billions of astronomically accurate planets and stars.

In the trailer it shows battles on rocky planets, with the freedom to have small buggy races on the face of a new moon you just found. It remains to be seen how well this runs on Xbox One, but if the current iteration is anything to go by, gamers shouldn’t worry.

With No Man Sky taking all the spotlight away in the Universe Sandbox arena, Elite Dangerous is vying for your attention with this upgrade.

No official date is available for this expansion. Elite Dangerous is available on Xbox One currently.

David Whitaker
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