Watch Dogs 2 Protagonist Leaked?

Watch Dogs 2 has already been confirmed by Ubisoft with the company stating the game will arrive before March 2017, so the marketing for the game should begin shortly. However, it looks like we already have a glimpse of the main character.


The above picture was posted by an actor who goes by TheKingCort on Instagram. Along with the picture he posted: Had a blast doing motion capture work as the lead character in a new video game series! (= #actor #motioncapture #artist #videogames #ps4 #xbox #art #work #comingsoon #WatchDogs2

The actor’s account has seen gone to private so it’s likely Ubisoft told him he messed up and forced him to put his account out of the public eye.

Ubisoft has yet to officially reveal Watch Dogs 2 but it is likely they’ll finally show it off at E3 next month.

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