Warhammer: Vermintide 2 PC Release Date & Beta Period Announced

Fatshark have revealed the release date for the PC version of Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Additionally, they have revealed when the upcoming beta will take place. While the game launches on March 8, those who pre-order on PC can start playing on February 28. Along with the news, the developer uploaded a new trailer showing off gameplay as the new bounty hunter class.

As the name implies, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a sequel to Fatshark’s previous hack and slash title in the Warhammer fantasy universe. In addition to Skaven, players will also be fighting against a Chaos army that fights for Nurgle. While the game features a return of the original 5 protagonists, they now have access to more classes, weapons, and skills.

In a previous article, we covered Sienna’s new roles. Since then, the developer has revealed more details on Kruber, Kerillian, and Saltzpyre.

Markus Kruber

Should Kruber join the Order of the Reiskhammer, he will gain access to the heavy armour and weaponry of a knight. However, should the former soldier fully give up on army life, he will become a huntsman. This class specializes in projectiles and sticks to lighter armour for superior mobility. Players who want to take a more balanced approach may prefer to continue working for Saltzpyre as a mercenary.

Victor Saltzpyre

As bodies continue to pile up in these dark times, there are plenty of opportunities for promotion. Should Saltzpyre remain with the Order, he will be promoted to Witch Hunter Captain. While this class operates much the same as he did in the first title, he moves a bit quicker these days. However, he can just as easily stop relying on those who continue to preach that the Skaven do not exist and fund his crusade as a bounty hunter. Rather than finesse, bounty hunters prefer heavy armour and powerful ranged weaponry. Alternatively, he can abandon the Empire altogether and devote himself entirely to Sigmar. As a zealot, Saltzpyre favours close range combat with heavy flails and holy rage. Rather than armour, this class relies on faith to protect them from harm.


By further honing the skills she put on display in the first title, Kerillian can ascend from a Waywatcher to a Waystalker. This class specializes in bows and boasts both deadly precision and voluminous quivers. The elf can also heed the call from a dream and become a shade. This class moves swiftly and specializes in attacking without being seen. On the other hand, Kerillian can look to a higher power for guidance and take on the role of a handmaiden. This class focuses on melee combat and has access to long-reaching spears.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will release for PC on March 8, 2018. The game is also coming to consoles, though it does not have a definitive date yet.

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