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Warcraft Flops in the States Does Great Internationally

The Blizzard backed movie Warcraft has had a rough few weeks here in the US. From horrible reviews to only making under $25 million it seems like this movie is just not going to do well in any other location. Luckily for the people that want a sequel this movie did amazing in China. It grossed over $144 million in only four days( $156 million in five days). Over $261 million of Warcraft’s total was made Internationally, it is rare but not uncommon to see this happen. The global film market is expanding each year making it easier for movies to make back more of those huge production costs.

Currently Warcraft is sitting at number 11 in the total for worldwide box office receipts. If Warcraft didn’t do so well overseas it would have been a massive blow for any chance of a sequel. The sequel curse that has plagued many of the 2016 releases did not effect the horror movie Conjuring 2. It raked in almost $41 million over the weekend. It was just a little shy of what the original Conjuring made ($41.9 million).

With E3 rolling around we might not have that much info on current movie news for the start of the week. I apologize in advance even though most of us at TICGN will be covering everything we can from this years convention. Let us know how you feel about Warcraft in the comment section below.

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