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The Walking Dead SDCC Trailer Shows War and Old Rick

Comic Con has been great in terms of trailers this year. In this long lineup of trailers, The Walking Dead Season 8 gets its own spotlight!

The trailer shows Negan talking to Gabriel, asking him if he has his “sh**ting pants on.” This is followed by scenes for this upcoming season with a slow paced soundtrack. Everything is calm. Yet, tension mounts as Rick begins to give a speech to what seems to be his group. Then, we see scenes of each group armed and going tactical in multiple places.

At the end of the trailer, we see a walking cane, flowers, and an old man Rick lying in bed with an overgrown beard. We can speculate as to what this could mean, and it may be a SPOILER for those who haven’t read the comics. It could represent everyone’s favorite theory that Rick has been in a coma. He could have been dreaming these events the entire time. The people behind the show may have put this in on purpose.

There is a more realistic theory related to the end clip shown. Rick has won the war and has started to rebuild civilization. This is taken from the comics where Rick, after being badly wounded in the war with Negan, beings to use a cane and grow out an old man beard. At this point, it’s a new chapter for the group.

There is much to be seen this season and after the dreadful drag that was Season 7. We can only hope that we get to see an all-out war this season.

The Walking Dead Season 8 will premiere October 22nd on AMC.


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