Vigor Hits Xbox Game Preview Summer 2018

Vigor Announced On Inside Xbox


World Exclusive look into a brand new game by Bohemia Interactive called Vigor. Set in Norway, a nuke hit Europe and destroyed everything. Players are an outlander trying to survive in the fallout of the devastation. It’s an open world, 3rd/1st person multiplayer game where it’s also a survival game. You can still quit and leave with everything on your character at “exit zones” and level up your shelter to provide perks. If you die though, you lose everything so stock up in your stash. You can set up base locations around the map, and honestly this game looks incredible. You can play aggressive, OR win the game without killing anyone. The game focuses a lot on survival while trying to eliminate the competition. It does have very heavy PUBG style of play. Vigor is coming to Xbox Game Preview summer 2018 and you can catch the reveal right here:

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