Us scares away Captain Marvel to Take the top Spot

Captain Marvel could not maintain the top spot this weekend. The horror movie Us easily took the top spot with $70 million this weekend. It is a record-breaking weekend for the movie. In the foreign market, Us only grossed an estimated $16 million. That brings the worldwide total to $86.9 million. Remember Get Out only grossed $176 million domestically in its entire theatrical run; Jordan Peele’s second movie should easily pass that in the next two weeks.

Captain Marvel was not be the top movie this weekend but it will easily cross that billion mark as it now sits at $910 million worldwide. The movie grossed $35 million this weekend even with the competition from the movie Us. Domestically, Captain Marvel now sits at $321 million. Expect a drop next weekend as Disney brings us another live action remake that fans will surly want to see. Wonder Park continues to bomb as it only grossed $9 million this weekend. Surely this is a huge disappointment for Paramount.

Weekend Top Three

3. Wonder Park $9 million

2. Captain Marvel $32 million

1. Us $70 million

Next weekend, Dumbo will be flying into the box office in about 4,000 theaters. Along with that, look for the trippy movie with Matthew McConaughey, The Beach Bum in limited release. At this stage in my life, I kind of want to see that movie over a Disney remake. Even if Tim Burton did direct this film. With all of those positive reviews, I am going to say that Shazam will be taking over its first weekend when it hits theaters on April 5th.

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