[Update: It’s Official!] BioShock: The Collection Leak?

Today, the wonderful Ken Levine over at 2k Games has released this wonderful gem to the world today:

So now it is official! Who’s excited? That’s right, Big Daddy is excited!

Original post as below:

While a collection to the BioShock series has been rumored for quite sometime now, there has yet to be any concrete evidence. No evidence until NeoGaf user DeathSparks shared some screens of actual potential evidence, with something concrete. It does seem that some of the shared pictures by DeathSparks is still accessible to a backup staging area of 2k’s website. The front cover suggest that the full trilogy will feature all three of the BioShock games.

Sourced NeoGaf user DeathSparks
Sourced NeoGaf user DeathSparks
Sourced 2k Games via Gamespot
Sourced 2k Games via Gamespot & DeathSparks

Are you excited for the BioShock trilogy to potentially make it’s way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Let us know in the comment section!

Source: NeoGaf via GameInformer

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