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[Update 2] Neverwinter’s Rise of Tiamat expansion is out!

Neverwinter’s first major expansion for the Xbox One released today for free. The Rise of Tiamat brings a whole host of improvements for usability and technical issues, most notably a significant frame rate improvement and a fix for the memory leak issue. Unfortunately, it seems that the Protector’s Enclave still manages to dip below thirty frames per second when it’s crowded. The full list of patch notes can be found here, but the major take aways will be listed below.


There’s a new zone called the Well of Dragons, and a new raid called the Temple of Tiamat. An extended Tyranny of Dragons campaign, along with many quests, gear, and the brand new Boons (permanent character buffs), has also been released. A minimap has been added to the main user interface, players can no longer be kicked as soon as entering a dungeon, and region support has finally been expanded to Australia and New Zealand.


[At the time of the update, Australia and New Zealand had not actually received regional support for the Xbox One version of popular MMO. We followed the story as it developed.]


Communications Manager for Perfect World Entertainment (Neverwinter’s publisher) had this to say on Reddit: “It looks like there was a mix up in the situation. We’re in the process of resolving it. I don’t have an ETA that I can share, but it is something that is getting fixed.”


[As of July 2nd, 3:18 PM, U.S. Eastern time, Neverwinter is now appearing in both the Australian and New Zealand Xbox stores.]

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