Unravel Will Only Have Its First Two Levels Available on EA Access

One of the most popular features of EA Access is how it gives players a 10 hour trail of new games before they buy it. While most games offer access to the entire game in these 10 hours, EA’s new platformer Unravel will only have the first two levels available to play.

You will be able to play those two levels for the entire 10 hours, but nothing else in the game. Now before you pull out your pitchforks, this makes sense as there are few 2D platformers that last much longer than 10 hours and two levels should be enough to give players a feel for the game. Unravel is also a downloadable only game that costs $20, so it obviously won’t have as much content as a big AAA game.

Unravel’s two level trial will be available on February 4, with the full game launching on February 9 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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