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Unlocked Frame Rate and More added to UWP in latest Update

After months of backlash from gamers and developers alike, Microsoft updated the Universal Windows Platform to allow certain features gamers have been asking for. The latest Windows 10 Update will allow AMD FreeSync, and GSync to be enabled as an option for PC gamers. Along with this, gamers will now be able to play Windows 10 games with unlocked framerates.

Microsoft also stated that they will be bringing other requested features like Multi-GPU support soon, however now dates have been given. They did tease that this summer and fall will feature many new DirectX 12 enabled games for Windows 10.

You can download the latest update here, or just check Windows Update for the latest updates. Windows 10 and UWP features exclusive titles such as Forza Motorsport 6 Apex, Quantum Break and Killer Instinct, all available via the new Windows 10 Store.

David Whitaker
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