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Underdark has Arrived in Neverwinter




This week marks the release of the expansion Underdark for Neverwinter. Xbox players will be tasked with destroying the demon hordes that have attacked the world of Neverwinter.

Players will start off the Underdark content with quests written by R.A. Salvatore himself. The quest “The Dwarven King” will launch players on a path to the new gathering point of Mantol-Derith. That is when the Underdark campaign really begins. This update has given players new features that include:

Demonic heroic encounters
Two new skirmishes
New Stronghold features
Demogorgon battle
Trade Bar Store update
New elemental quests

Neverwinter costs nothing to play .The only real cost is that wonderful armored ghost horse mount I bought last month. Sadly if your not at least level 60 this some of this content will not be open to a player until that level is reached. Also this content does not boost the level cap last 70.

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