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Umbrella Corps Will Be Available In June

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the acclaimed and personally loved series Resident Evil. What better way could we celebrate this than a new Resident Evil Game? Capcom has developed a new take on the world of Resident Evil with Umbrella Corps for the PS4 and PC.

Players will jump into a game that not only combines the combat seen in earlier titles like Rainbow Six and Gears of War, Umbrella Corps adds the locations and creatures from the iconic series. Not only will you be facing off against your friends online- The game itself is looking to kill you.

Players will be facing off in these levels :

  • Raccoon City
  • Antarctic Base
  • Kijuju
  • Tricell HQ

Each location will have creatures from the different games. Raccoon City has hordes of zombies and Kijuju has the Majini. Umbrella Corps will be out on June, 21st for the PS4 and PC only. Two versions will be available to purchase, a regular $29 version or a $39 deluxe edition. Let us know how you feel about this being a ignored on the Xbox One in the comment section below.

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