Ubisoft may be preparing a service called “Ubisoft Pass Premium”

An obscure listing on the Ubisoft Store has prompted inquisitive gamers to speculate that a new games service is possibly in the works. The new service is called Ubisoft Pass Premium but that name could change should this product ever be offered to the public. A screenshot of the listing can be seen below:

Image courtesy of TechRaptor.

There are currently no details available that would explain what Ubisoft Pass Premium actually is. Given the popularity of services such as Xbox Game Pass and EA Access, it is entirely reasonable to think that Ubisoft is preparing a game subscription service of their own. We are also questioning the delivery of method of games from such a service. Would we be able to stream them or would the games be downloaded to our systems and played natively?

It is also possible that Ubisoft Pass Premium is something tied to Ubisoft’s Uplay store. We will certainly update you as soon as information about the service is publicly announced. With E3 looming ever closer it is possible that a product reveal could come as early as next month. As always, The Inner Circle will be sending a team to E3 this year so check back for new game announcements and exclusive interviews with industry veterans.

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