Ubisoft is Bringing Monopoly to Nintendo Switch

Who needs a game board when you have a Nintendo Switch? Ubisoft and Hasbro are cooperating to release a version of Monopoly for Nintendo’s newest console. Anyone that’s played the original should know what to expect from this release. Players could gather and play the classic family game together on the TV or in portable mode, as seen in the trailer below. The trailer also demonstrates various aspects of the game in action; for example, a player is shown shaking the Joy-Con controller to roll the dice.

What is also noteworthy is that this take on Monopoly appears to be similar to that of the version featured on Hasbro Family Fun Pack for Xbox One and Playstation 4  (with the Switch’s portability taken into account). How different this port in particular will be in comparison to the previous releases is yet to be seen. Whatever the case may be, you can at least expect the game to come to the Nintendo Switch sometime this fall. Whether you’re rushing to Boardwalk, buying any properties you land on, or turning your friends and family into your worst enemies, Monopoly is sure to entertain fans of its physical board when it launches later this year.

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