Two Classic Battle-Cars Coming to Rocket League as DLC

A Youtube trailer released today showing off two of the most popular classic Supersonic Arabatic Rocket Powered Battle-Cars, Aftershock and Marauder, with new designs. In the next coming weeks, they will be available as a premium DLC on Rocket League for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.

Each vehicle will keep their original styles but have a new, upgraded, modern look. Much like a car manufacturer’s refresh every few years! They will also include six decals immediately available.

The cars will first become available for the Rocket League Collection’s Edition. Retail release for this edition is: Europe on June 24th, North America on July 5th, and a worldwide release on July 18th. You’ll also be able to buy the cars individually for $1.99 USD.

Check out the trailer below for the new designs and let us know in the comments: are there any others you think could do with a refresh?

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