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Turok & Turok 2 Heading To Xbox One

According to a tweet from Night Dive Studios, there are plans in place to bring some of the Turok series to Xbox One. The remastered version of Turok recently released on Steam, and it now seems that we have confirmation that Turok and Turok 2 are heading to Xbox One.

The conversation carried on, with another user asking if the games would be coming to PlayStation.

Turok Xbox One

Night Dive revealed that the remastered versions of the games may see Playstation releases, but cannot currently confirm anything. There is also currently no release date on a release date for the remastered versions on Xbox One.

The remasters will feature improved graphics and other general improvements. However it is unclear if the console versions will vary from the PC versions of the remasters. It appears it’s busy times at Night Dive Studios. The team are also working on remasters of System Shock and System Shock 3.

As always TiCGN will update you news as the story progresses.

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