TT Games Founder Releases an Update for Sonic 3D Blast

A few months ago, I reported that the founder of TT Games (once known as Traveler’s Tales), Jon Burton, has been hosting a YouTube channel. Under the name of GameHut,  dedicated to uncovering prototypes and behind-the-scenes documentation on games he and the company worked on throughout their history. This included games tied to beloved franchises like Disney properties and Sonic the Hedgehog. One such game is their isometric platformer title from the latter series, Sonic 3D Blast.

In a new change of direction for GameHut, Burton has been working on a Director’s Cut patch for Sonic 3D Blast. After a month in development, a beta version of the patch is released online for players to provide feedback and make suggestions. Players can download the patch here, apply it to a ROM file copied from your cartridge of the game( the other way is illegal and we don’t condone it), and play it on a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive emulator.

Jon Burton’s update to Sonic 3D Blast includes the following changes to the game:

-Sonic can turn into his Super Sonic form upon collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds

-An enemy type removed from the game at some point in development is added back in

-There is now an option for password saves

-A level editor, not unlike that of the series’s debug mode, is added as a feature

-Levels can now be accessed individually for post-game content such as time challenges

-The camera and HUD have been tweaked for gameplay conveniences

-The difficulty is slightly tweaked in some levels

It is worth noting that Burton also set up a website for GameHut, which you can visit right here. Players can go onto the site to log bugs and suggest challenge times for Sonic 3D Blast DX, download Genesis/Mega Drive ROMs that demonstrate special effects, or check up on his latest video uploads.

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