Destiny 2

Try Gambit on Destiny 2 Before Forsaken is Launched

This September Destiny 2 players will jump into Forsaken. This new DLC includes a new PvE/PvP mode called Gambit. In this mode players must compete against the other team by killing and collecting motes. Collect more than the other team and some special things will happen. Whats great is that Bungie will give Destiny 2 players 24 hours to try out this mode before they have to buy it.

Gambit will be available for 24 hours on September 1st. If you really don’t have any clue as to what this mode is, click this helpful link.

Forsaken is coming out on September 4th for those that are willing to spend the money. If you need a good reason to hate those alien races in the game then just watch this video. It is the last stand of Cayde and sets the tone for the upcoming DLC. Don’t forget you don’t have much time to finish up the Solstice of Heroes event when it ends on August 31st.


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