Transistor Free to Download on Epic Games for Limited Time


From April 14th until May 2nd, Epic Games is offering Transistor free to download. Get your free download directly from the site here.

Transistor, developed by Supergiant Games, is a colorful, strategic RPG that follows a suspense filed narrative. You play as Red, a woman who is a famous singer in the city of Cloudbank. A group known as the Process, a robotic army who works for Camerata, targets her and attempts to kill her, but hits someone else instead. She escapes with her life, only left with the mysterious Transistor sword that was meant to kill her, but instead now holds the voice and consciousness of the man it killed. The attack was strong enough to also take away Red’s voice and seal it in the Transistor as well. Red and her new companion now must go on an adventure against the Process, who seemingly want the Transistor Sword she possesses for some unknown reason.

Transistor is a real time combat game that also adds in a paused planning mode, where players can freeze the stage and plan out which moves they’d like to use for a turn based battle. Turns take up energy, which ultimately need to regenerate before players can continue to use moves. Throughout the game, you can learn new skills and earn more energy as you progress. The wide variety of moves and endless combinations they can create offers a very diverse and individual experience for the player.

Additionally, considering the game revolves around a famous singer, it’s no surprise that the game comes with an amazing soundtrack that fits the atmosphere of the game perfectly.

Released in 2014, the game received lots of praise from game critics, never going below an 8/10 from some of the biggest reviewers. It’s received four awards, and has been nominated for 21 others as well.

The game is free until May 2nd, so be sure to get it here before it’s too late.

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