TiCGN Box Office Recap: Transformers 5 Takes the Weekend

This weekend Transformers took first place in the box office from Cars 3. It really didn’t take that much for Transformers: The Last Knight to open with the top spot, as it was a dismal weekend with only one new release that wasn’t on a limited run. The movie opened with a series low $69 million.

Seeing a movie open with $69 million and calling that a series low is mind-boggling. Transformers has always enjoyed a rather large crowd at the box office. The movie is sitting at $265 million after receiving a jolt of life from the foreign market, which brought in $196 million. Wonder Woman has surpassed $6oo million worldwide and also passed Batman V Superman at the domestic box office.

Weekend Top Five

5. All Eyez on Me $5.8 million

4. 47 Meters Down $7.4 million

3. Wonder Woman $25 million

2. Cars 3 $25 million

1. Transformers: The Last Knight $69 million ( Opened on Wednesday)

Three movies will be released this coming holiday weekend. Baby Driver, Despicable Me 3, and The House all come out at the perfect time to make some serious money. It should be interesting to see how these three movies do against the rest of the box office. Three trailers were released last week that look fantastic. Pitch Perfect 3, Stronger, and Marshall all look like movies that need to be watched.

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