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Sega Announces Total War Warhammer II Release Date

Creative Assembly and Sega have announced that Total War Warhammer II will release on September 28th.

Aside from the standard edition, Total War fans also have a choice of picking up a limited edition version of the game, or the collector’s edition, aptly named The Serpent God Edition.

The rare Serpent God Edition comes with a range of collectable items in a presentation box. These contents include:

  • A Slann puzzle globe
  • Carved teeth totems
  • A canvas map
  • A 4GB Saurus Warrior Blade USB with e-books
  • An art book
  • An insider strategy guide
  • New races for the first game as DLC
  • Special packaging, including a steel case
  • A sheet of stickers
  • An exclusive strategy guide

The limited edition only features the insider strategy guide and sticker sheet within a steel case. Furthermore, all early adopters will receive the Race Pack DLC for free. After the game’s first week at retail, the DLC will still be available, but it will require a separate purchase.

This highly anticipated sequel will see players battle for supremacy in a breathtaking campaign of exploration, expansion and conquest across The New World. Within this distant land, you’ll have the choice of four unique armies to control: The High Elves, The Dark Elves, The Lizardmen, and almost confirmed Skaven.

Given that the PC Gaming Show has a conference at E3 this year, it’s more than likely that we’ll see our first in game glimpse of the new factions in action there.

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