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Top YouTubers Involved With CounterStrike: Go Insider Betting

There is drama in the online gaming world this week as YouTubers ProSyndicate and Tmartn’s ties to the online betting scene came to light. Currently there is a $2.3 billion dollar industry in video game betting and these two YouTubers decided to delve into this massive opportunity. There are two large CS:GO YouTubers with well over 10,000,000 subscribers who post videos of them gambling online. In these videos they post about winning absurd amounts of money in videos such as “How To Win $13,000 in 5 Minutes (CounterStrike:GO)”. Normally that would be suspicious but most people might pass it off as sheer luck.

However, the whole affair steps into a new light when it was discovered that these two are the owners and founders of the same gambling site, CSGOLotto.com. Even worse is the fact that up until they were exposed the two didn’t even mention or make notice to the viewer that they were payed and sponsored by CS:GO Lotto, let alone that they owned the site. The big deal in this situation is that their status as owners of the website they have the ability to control outcomes to rig the games in their favor. This effectively allowed them to set themselves up as winners of prizes worth thousands of dollars with virtually no risk of losing. As YouTube content creators, they must reveal if they are endorsed, sponsored, or paid by companies to review or use their product. Until a week ago their status as owners was not divulged to the public and both YouTubers have removed or hidden any videos made that could incriminate them.

TmarTn uploaded a bizarre apology video in which he claimed that public records provided sufficient notice that he was one of the owners of the website. The video was subsequently deleted but uploaded again by another user. You can watch the video below:

So far no legal action has been taken again ProSyndicate or Tmartn, but both have taken hits to their subscriber bases over the matter. If any further developments come to light regarding this story, all updates will be covered by TICGN.com

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