Top Gear Partnership Continues with Forza Motorsport 6

Top Gear have been a stalwart of the Forza Motorsport series since the 4th game back in 2011. But since Jeremy Clarkson left the BBC the whole deal came into question. Well Turn10 confirmed at E3 2015 that the deal will continue with the latest Motorsport game in an interview with IGN.

Top Gear still very much is a part of Motorsport, We have Stig’s Digital Cousin, we have the Top Gear Test Track, we have Top Gear inspired events in the game, and we actually have Richard and James continuing to do voiceover in the game as well.

He went on to say

But that’s actually led us to some new approaches to our career mode which we call Stories of Motorsport. Our new career has over 70 hours of gameplay and we’ve kinda doubled-down on that; we’ve brought in voices and personalities from racing and automotive entertainment to come in and really expand the career. You move through and you experience these things called Showcase Events that may take you back to a pre-war era Formula cars or something like that, or classic muscle cars. So we’ve brought in these different personalities to come in and actually talk about these, why they’re special; help stoke people’s interest and passion in these races.

It’s great news to hear that Richard and James will still do voice overs for the award-winning racing franchise. Recently the BBC replaced Jeremy Clarkson with Chris Evans to some degree of dismay. Jeremy Clarkson has been a prominent figure in the motor world since becoming the figurehead of Top Gear. He was fired last year after punching an executive.

Forza Motorsport 6 is set to be released on September 15th and is exclusive to Xbox One.

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