Top 5 Game Pass Originals I’d Love To See

It is hard to believe that Xbox Game Pass made its debut almost a year ago. When the subscription gaming service launched, Xbox boss Phil Spencer commented on the possibility of original titles on Game Pass just like we see exclusive movies and television series on Netflix or Amazon Prime. With that in mind, I thought I’d share my list of some games I would love to see on the service.

The criteria I used for this list is that the games would be relatively inexpensive and quick to develop. That is not to preclude the possibility of AAA experiences on Game Pass; I simply wanted to focus on games that could quickly bulk up the service’s library and would allow players to easily drop in and out as they saw fit. With that said, let’s get to it.

Arcade Sports Titles

Call me a dreamer but I think arcade sports titles like NFL Blitz would be great fit for Game Pass. Before you scoff, let me remind you that Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is currently on the service. In fact, Microsoft was said to be in talks to revive the NBA Jam series and I would not be surprised if it ended up on the service. While I am on the subject. Metalhead, if you are reading this – please consider Super Mega Baseball 2 on Game Pass!

A Narrative Experience Based On Xbox IP

Narrative games can be divisive. Many players refer to these experiences as “walking simulators” but as we have seen with The Walking Dead, Minecraft: Story Mode and Borderlands, these games can expand the lore of their respective universes. I would not mind a side adventure set in the world of Albion, at the Horizon festival or on the sands of Far Eden.

Arcade Racer

Microsoft earned a reputation during the last generation for focusing on shooters but the company actually has a long history of making great racing games. Just ask the fans of Project Gotham Racing. While many gamers scoff at the idea of more Forza, I think an arcade kart racer would work well on Game Pass. Microsoft actually has several IPs that could be used for a game like this – RC Pro-AM, Cobra Triangle and Joyride Turbo are a few examples. As a matter of fact, I have reason to believe that a “cartoony” racer aimed at casual audiences is indeed in development for Xbox.

A Mascot Brawler

While Super Smash Bros. remains a highly regarded series for Nintendo, other companies have not reached the same level of success with their own brawlers. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was a good game in its own right but it never truly soared on the wings of high praise. I would not expect a similar brawling game from Microsoft to fare any better but it would be a great addition to Game Pass. It would also help introduce new Xbox gamers to characters such as Ori, Joule and the Battletoads.

A Mech Combat Game

I know, many of us really want MechAssault or even MechWarrior. Barring that, I’d love to see an online multiplayer game featuring customizable mechs, RPG elements and environmental destruction.

Did I miss anything? What original games would you like to see on Xbox Game Pass?

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