Top 5 Exclusive Games That Should Be Multi-platform (Current Gen)

Exclusive games are always the topic of conversation in gaming debates, especially in the console war. Many may argue who has the most exclusives, but almost no one ever argues why certain games are exclusives. In the era of the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One there has been some unlikely third party games that turned out to be exclusive to one console and PC.  I came up with the list of 5 of games that released in the last 2 to 3 years that were exclusives that should have definitely been multi-platform. Check it out!

5. Quantum Break (Xbox One, PC)

Simply put Quantum Break was a third person action game with a TV show built in. It had no re-play value, sure it was fun but it lasted as long as 10pc chicken nugget meal. Quantum Break was exclusive to Xbox One and PC, in my opinion the game would have been better served on PlayStation due to its story driven focus and its lack of multiplayer. I feel that exclusive games should take advantage of the exclusive features that its home console offers, Quantum Break doesn’t do that. QB was a risk title, a high risk and low reward as an exclusive. As a multi-platform title Quantum Break would still be an average game, it just would’ve been met with high reward.


4. Dead Rising Franchise (generally Xbox)

Capcom make up your mind! Is Dead Rising an Xbox game or not? Dead Rising released as a Xbox 360 exclusive in 2006 however the sequel released for both 360 and PS3. In 2013 Capcom again released Dead Rising 3 as an Xbox One exclusive, now Dead Rising 4 is a rumored timed exclusive for Xbox One.  Do I need to explain any further? Capcom is just as confused as we are, more of a reason for this franchise to remain a multi-platform experience.


3. MLB The Show (PlayStation)

It should be illegal for this game to remain an exclusive, its honestly the only decent MLB licensed game available. Should we even be counting RBI Baseball? Traditional sports game should not be exclusive, unless each platform has its own exclusive in that respective sport (like back in the old days). MLB The Show averages approximately 500,000 units sold a year. It will only benefit Sony if they make this available to every platform possible! Yes, even the mobile market. Imagine if Madden NFL was exclusive to Xbox and all PlayStation had was Backyard Football, you see where i’m coming from now? It’s just not fair.


2. Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

I’ll make this short, Bayonetta 2 is one of the best games available for the Wii U and 95% of Wii U owners do not own it… I’ll be shocked if the game doesn’t find its way on PlayStation or Xbox soon.


1. Street Fighter V (PS4, PC)

You know how everyone cried wolf when Rise of The Tomb Raider was a temporary Xbox exclusive? Yea, that emotion should of been expressed with Street Fighter V. If your going to cry that your beloved console doesn’t get a game that it generally gets, Xbox and Wii U owners should of been crying about Street Fighter V. After mediocre reviews and underwhelming sales i’m sure Capcom are probably holding back tears because they are too familiar with missed opportunities.


Was there a game that I missed? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure tune to TiC Writers Block Podcast every Tuesday Night at 8:00pm Est.


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