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New Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Trailer Released

The Tokyo Ghoul live action trailer has released, yet this time with English subtitles. The original trailer released in June only featured the Japanese audio. The live action film made it in the top 5 when it was released in Japan back in July. At the end of the trailer it shows a release date of September 21, now that is for the Australian release of the film.

Funimation does have plans to bring the film over to North America, but there is no date at this time. The trailer shows the main character Ken Kaneki and Rize during their fateful encounter. Then it switches and shows Kaneki going through the changes of becoming a ghoul; while meeting Touka and the rest of the gang at Anteiku coffee shop. Of course we can’t forget the CCG(Commission of Counter Ghoul).

From looking at the trailer and from watching the anime as well as reading the manga, it looks as if this will be a true adaptation that fans can rest assure that it won’t disappoint.

Sit back and enjoy the trailer below.

If you haven’t seen Tokyo Ghoul please visit Hulu or Funimation, to check it out before the release of the film.

Joshua D.
Joshua D.
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