tinyBuild announces Party Hard Go on Twitter

tinyBuild announces Party Hard Go via Twitter:

A description of Party Hard, as per the tinyBuild website.

Party Hard GO

Mobile version of Party Hard, completely reworked from the ground-up. Features the everything from the PC/console games, neatly packaged with customizable controls.

Reimagining the controls for mobile

The biggest challenge (aside from rewriting the whole damn game to run well on mobile devices) was controls. Originally we really wanted to redesign the game around gestures and tap controls. After some initial testing, this wasn’t super optimal. It seems to work better on smaller screen devices where space is limited. Think iPhone 4s/iPhone 5. On iPhone 6 and iPads however, players felt handicapped — especially if you’ve played the PC or console builds. It felt like you didn’t have enough control.

So we decided to allow players to switch between the two control schemes. You can choose either virtual buttons or touch-controls. For me personally, I feel like I’m playing the full Party Hard game when on iPhone 6 with virtual buttons. On an iPad or iPhone 6+ it feels even better.

Party Hard-TiCGN

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