Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores

TICGN Spotlight: The Most Cinematic Sea of Thieves Heist

Sea of Thieves was released earlier this year  as one of the most anticipated Xbox Play Anywhere titles from Microsoft. The game offered a shared world pirate world unlike any game ever released. Because of its Play Anywhere status, non Xbox owners running PC’s were able to make a name of themselves on the seas. One pirate among them turned the game’s meta upside down.

A usual encounter in Sea of Thieves between two ships involves direct until either ship sinks but streamer Summit 1G offers a whole new way to play the game. Instead of just directly sinking a ship and stealing whatever a ship holds aboard, Summit’s crew infiltrates a ship and stays aboard until the opposing crew finishes gathering all their loot. The Athena quests are the most valuable and often requires Summit and his crew to infiltrates a ship for up to an hour.

Usually Sea of Thieves battles are a bit stale and end in a similar fashion. What is especially interesting of how Summit plays the game is that the entire stream tends to be one big build up to a super high tension battle at the end that requires high team coordination. If a crew is sunk on first contact they may not finish their quest or become too heart wrenched to finish their quest and get the final chest, the Athena. With only a short window to infiltrate and steal the Athena, Summit and his team play a game of hide and seek on a small ship using only in game emotes to hide their characters.

Below is a special session in which Summit and crew infiltrate a PvE server. What’s a PvE server? In Sea of Thieves there are some people that do not like fighting against other people and just want to complete quests without any conflict. These servers are havens for people wanting to do their Athena quests and not face any conflict. The problem is the game was never intended to be played in servers taken up by people only looking for PvE. Looking to bring balance to the seas, Summit joins one of these servers and hunts down the fake pirates. Stalking two ships on Athena quests, Summit sneaks aboard and hides on a ship for half an hour and brings the wrath that only a pirate can.

Rare, the developer of the game, is going to be releasing a new update to game called The Arena. Sea of Thieves is also on sale half off for the time being, so if you’re interested in starting your pirate voyage now is the time.

Warning Not Safe For Work language is used.


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