TICGN Exclusive: Penello Talks About Scorpio, Resolution and Frame Rates

Albert Penello, Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning recently had a conversation with our podcast team here at The Inner Circle. The discussion covered several topics regarding the Xbox One S, rethinking console generations and the upcoming Scorpio console.

Announced at the end of Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference, Scorpio has been the subject of intense discussion among gaming communities and social media. One notable concern about Scorpio the messaging around the console’s native 4K output and what kind of frame rate we can expect to see in video games running on the system. After all, there are very few 1080p games that run at 60 frames per second on either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 right now. Can we really expect a new console to render games in 4K resolution and still maintain a solid frame rate?

The Inner Circle podcast host Kor X Kal-El asked Penello about Microsoft’s decision to get into 4K gaming and if it was wise for Phil Spencer to tout Ultra HD resolution and 60 frames per second speed at E3.

“We didn’t want to take a half step,” Penello said, “if we are going to do this we want a tech goal for ourselves. Can we take the same level of graphics lighting and more at 4K without reducing enemies on screen, the effects, and more. Don’t make the game smaller. Take a game at 1080 and make it 4K on this box. We know the box is going to do this.”

Does this mean every Scorpio game will run in Ultra HD resolution? Not necessarily. “We know some people are confused. Not every developer is going to use it this way. “Not every developer is going decide to take the six teraflops and do 4K 60fps.” They may have an artistic vision or plans to do something different with the power and that’s fine.”

Put simply, Microsoft intends to make Scorpio powerful enough so that it could run games in 4K if a developer wanted that option but nobody will be forced to use that resolution. “It was our goal for the hardware, we don’t mandate they make their game 4K 60 [frames per second], that’s their choice. In this regard I can’t say every game will be 4k 60fps,: Penello added.

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