TICGN Exclusive – Interview With Milestone Studios On Valinteno Rossi The Game

Recently I was lucky enough to talk to Milestone Studios, the minds behind the upcoming Valentino Rossi racing game. Valentino Rossi will release on the Xbox One, PS4 ,PC, and Steam on June 16th. Players can pre-order the game here. Please enjoy the interview below.

Inner Circle Game Network  interview

  • How closely did you work with Rossi on developing the game?

We worked closely with Valentino since the beginning of game development. Every improvement made to bike physics and to the game in general is the result of a close collaboration with feedback that Valentino gave us. It is not only a rider but also a careful player.

  • What makes this racing game better then any other motorcycle game?

Certainly the fact that there are many categories of bikes, not only the MotoGP™ 2016. We are talking about 9 racing motorcycle categories, bikes from flat track and two car categories for a total of 76 vehicle models, such an amount of contents to keep players glued to the screen for hours. What game allows you to get on a MotoGP™ at Silverstone and after that making a race of Flat Track in Misano? These are things that do not happen every day. The game is not reduced to a simple set of races, there are many game modes in which the player could use all types of vehicles.

  • How many tracks are player going to be able to race?

There are the 18 tracks of the Official MotoGP ™ Championship plus 5 historic tracks like Donington or Laguna Seca. These tracks are joined by 24 more in which the player could compete on the other disciplines proposed in the game.

  • What series of bikes will be in the game?

Obviously there are all the MotoGP ™, Moto2 and Moto3 2016 also joined by MotoGP ™ 2015 class. This year we have worked hard on the part of historical motorcycles and we were able to introduce some old glories of the 125cc and 250cc classes of course without forgetting the 500cc class. Then there will be many different 4 Stroke bikes from many years, the Yamaha R1M  motorcycle and finally 4 Flat Track bikes. Returning for a moment to the various vintage bikes the game includes all the bikes used by Valentino in his career, from the Aprilia RS125R of 1996 with which he won his first Grand Prix in Brno to the latest Yamaha YZR-M1 of 2016 .

  • How did you get involved in making this game?

I’m the lead designer of the game, so basically I’ve worked on the main structure of the design, including physics, menu flows etc…

  • What are some of your favorite features in the game?

Certainly the Flat Track. For us it is the first time we have developed a similar physics but we are very happy with the result: The Flat Track mode is really funny and playable. Another feature which I’m proud of and I find well made and fun is the VR|46 Historic Events mode where the player can impersonate Valentino retracing all the main races of his career from the beginning to the present day, all surrounded with interviews and videos from the various races.

  • Will gamers be able to engage each other in multiplayer?

Of course! The player will be able to use its custom rider online and compete in all disciplines in the game. You can race a quick race or a championship in MotoGP ™, a Flat Track race, a Single Stage in rally mode or compete with the Yamaha R1M.

  • What racing modes will be available?

In addition to the Quick Race mode playable with all categories of vehicles, there are the time attack mode, championship, rally, drift, the already mentioned VR|46 Historic Events, the Challenge “The Doctor” mode where the player will have to use the historical motorcycles of Valentino and to beat his time. Finally, all the various online modes.

  • What kind of DLC can we expect in this game?

We have planned 6 DLCs. You can expect new real events and much much more. But we can’t say too much now☺


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