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THQ Nordic Has Acquired TimeSplitters IP

Timesplitters is a classic early 2000s first-person shooter originally developed by Free Radical Design. The IP has remained dormant since Timesplitters: Future Perfect released back in 2005. However, it looks like it may not be the end of this franchise.  THQ Nordic announced this morning that they officially acquired the Timesplitters IP. Which is an interesting turn of events, as the original developers of the franchise Free Radical Design, converted to Deep Silver Dambuster in 2014, when Crytek had to lay off a majority of the staff due to inability to pay wages.  Deep Silver is a part of THQ Nordic group, thus making this deal make a lot of sense both in business and bringing an IP home to the development team that originally worked on the series.  In addition to acquiring Timesplitters, THQ nordic also acquired the rights to Second Sight, which was a sci-fi action-adventure game released in 2004. THQ Nordic has slowly been building themselves up a solid base of studios and IP’s as they build towards the future.  It should be interesting to see if we get another Timesplitters game or a Second Sight game down the road.

Would you be interested in a new Timesplitters game? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the latest gaming news and information.

TimeSplitters 2 Official Trailer

Plot Synopsis:

The game starts in the year 2401 when Sergeant Cortez and Corporal Hart are sent to a TimeSplitter infested space station where a time portal is being used. Their objective is to retrieve the Time Crystals. However, before they can reach them, the TimeSplitters take them into different time periods of the past. They must be followed and the time crystals retrieved.


Second Sight PS2 Trailer

Plot Synopsis:

John Vattic is awoken from a coma in a secret hi-tech medical facility with a wiped mind and a few bits of memories. Armed with his paranormal and psionic powers he goes off to unravel his past, and destroy the military conspiracy.




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