THQ Nordic Has Acquired the Carmageddon IP

THQ Nordic Has Acquired the Carmageddon IP

2018 is beginning to wrap up but the acquisitions continue. Today, we’ve learned that THQ Nordic has acquired the Carmageddon IP. The IP was purchased from Stainless Games, the creators of the Carmageddon series.

THQ Nordic made the public announcement on Twitter

The first Carmageddon released in 1997. It’ll be interesting to see what THQ Nordic plans on doing with this series, as well as the other IPs they’ve acquired.

THQ Nordic has been acquiring quite a few studios over the course of 2018, purchasing Koch Media, Bugbear Entertainment, Coffee Stain Studios and acquiring IPs such as Timesplitters, Alone in the Dark, and Kingdoms of Amalur, the latter of which has just become backward compatible on Xbox One.

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