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Review: Theseus (PSVR)

Theseus is a PSVR horror, adventure game where you play as Theseus and have to fight off an evil Minotaur and save Ariadne from his clutches.


Theseus is pretty light on story. You play as Theseus who wakes up from slumber and is guided by the voice of Ariadne. She is held prisoner by the Minotaur who was consumed by darkness and became evil, so you have to traverse through a labyrinth to kill the Minotaur and save Ariadne.

Story wise this game is nothing really special. You only really learn about the story when Ariadne speaks to you as you are walking around the labyrinth. With the story centered on these mythological creatures, I was expecting more of a story, but I barely got one.


The art style is great for the most part. The labyrinth has a great design, but sadly it becomes repetitive as everything looks the same.

The enemy designs are amazing, but there are only two enemy types in the game. One of them is of course the Minotaur who looks absolutely amazing. When he appears on screen for the first time it sort of stuns you for a moment on how great he looks. Later on you meet his minions who are grotesque spiders which also look great.

With the fact that there’s only two type of enemies you will see them over and over again throughout the short campaign. Sadly it gets boring after a while.


The sound design is absolutely spectacular. The labyrinth feels like a breathing character and when you walk around you feel what is surrounding you. Fire crackling, water dripping, monsters making monster noises; all help build an astounding atmosphere.

The soundtrack is also great and it helps with the atmosphere making the game a creepy and haunting experience to play through.


Theseus is technically a third person game, where you explore the labyrinth trying to get to Ariadne. There are no puzzles whatsoever so you basically walk forward and fight off a few enemies until you reach the end.  You have a sword and a torch which you can use to scare off the spiders once they surround you.

Fighting is incredibly simple; all you do is mash the square button until you have a prompt to finish off your enemy. It becomes incredibly repetitive by the end of the game and you sort of start to hope you won’t encounter anymore enemies just because how annoying fighting them becomes.

There are also corpses scattered around the labyrinth and multiple endings to unlock.

I think the game could have benefited by adding at least a few puzzles to break up the boring combat and the exploration.


Theseus is a decent game, but sadly it has some big problems. With the amazing atmosphere and great enemy design, it still becomes repetitive by the end. It’s also short at only 1 hour and 30 minutes long and even with the multiple endings I don’t think it’s worth the current price. However, on a sale if you want a decent game for your PSVR you can’t go wrong with Theseus.

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