There Are Some Great Deals On Humble Bundle For PC And Mobile Gamers Right Now

Over the last six years gamers have reaped some glorious benefits from the Humble Bundle. What started with the ability to pay whatever you want for a handful of indie video games, the Humble Bundle has evolved to include AAA video games, comics, audio books, novels and mobile games. Even Nintendo has experimented with their own Humble Bundle last year.

Right now there are a whopping six different bundles available on the Humble Bundle website. Granted, two of those are for books and that also includes a mobile game bundle but you can get a lot of content for just a few dollars.

The main bundle focuses on multiplayer titles. For one dollar you get a copy of Awesomenauts (a very fun 2D MOBA), early access and boosts for Heroes & Generals as well as content packs for Wildstar and Dirty Bomb. While I am not a fan of Curse Premium, there is a 30 day membership for that service if you are interested. Pay a little more and get Vertiginous Golf and content packs for War of the Vikings, Robocraft, Neverwinter, SMITE, Path of Exile and Life is Feudal: Your Own.

The Weekly Humble Bundle has Grim Fandango Remastered, Party Hard, Divekick and early access to SpeedRunners. Gamers with Android devices can get their RPG fix with the Humble Kemco Toei Bundle.

If you want something to read there is a Dynamite Comic Bundle and a Sci-Fi book bundle. They both offer a lot of content for even a bit of pcoket change.

Finally, the March Monthly Bundle includes a copy of Ark: Survival evolved that you can download right now. That is a great deal for $12.

Your purchase supports content creators and charity. You can even dictate how you wish for your payment to be allocated. I personally jumped on the main bundle as I have been thinking about trying Wildstar and getting a starter pack was just the incentive I needed to finally play it.

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