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The Witching Hour #7 – Dead Nation

Just the thought of actually visiting an arcade – let alone spending significant amounts of time in one – may seem odd to some of our younger readers. Those who grew up in the 80s and early 90s will likely regale you with tales of the arcade. In fact, I probably spent too much time in arcades as a kid. My mother would take me with her on Saturday afternoons when she needed to run some errands and drop me off at the arcade with some money while she went about her business. She would come back for me when she was done. As I look back at how many hours I wiled away in that dimly lit building I realize it is something of a miracle that I wasn’t abducted. One of the popular types of arcade games back in the 80s were top-down shooters in which players were pitted against seemingly endless waves of enemies. Games like these are not so common these days but every once in a while we manage to get a good one. PlayStation exclusive Dead Nation is proof of that and the game is certainly worth checking out.

As you might have guessed from the title, Dead Nation takes place in a world decimated by a zombie outbreak. You have a choice of a male or female character (both will be used if playing in co-op) who seem to be immune to the current strain of the zombie virus. The game does have some narrative but in all honesty, the story is not that compelling and at the end of the day you are starting each mission at the bottom of the level and working your way upwards to the next goal.

What sets Dead Nation apart from other top-down shooters are some light RPG mechanics. During your treks you will come across cars you can loot for money and equipment lockers that could hold more cash, ammo or even armor parts. You will also find shops which will sell you weapon upgrades.

To the best of my knowledge, Dead Nation has never seen a physical release but it was released digitally for the PS4, PlayStation Vita and the PS3. It is not a terribly long game which means it is perfect fora quick playthrough during Halloween season.

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