The Whole DC Universe Has Come to the Xbox One

Being Batman or Superman is one of our greatest nerd fantasies. Even leaning what it’s like to be the insane Joker is what some people dream of. In the newest game to drop on the Xbox One, players can become their own superhero or supervillain in DC Universe. Check out the launch trailer for DC Universe Online below.


DC Universe Online is a MMO set in the DC comic universe. Players will be able to create the perfect superhero or supervillian, using powers from the likes of Flash, Superman, and more. Players can also play as 40 different DC characters in either Legends PvP or PvE game modes. DC Universe is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary with a release on the Xbox One. This game is also available on PC,PS3, and PS4.

Players can look forward to new content constantly arriving on the Xbox One for DC Universe. Players can find content that has been taken from Batman vs Superman and the hit show Legends of Tomorrow. DC Universe is a free to play with some actual in game purchases available. The game has been available since Friday and I’m losing precious time in the fight against the Joker, download the game and help out in the fight.

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