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The Weekend Warrior – The Team Must Get Stronger

Friday was here and I was ready to relax and enjoy the weekend while it lasted. I ran up stairs fired up my Xbox then grabbed my controller and my headset. I knew that this weekend was going to consist of playing the beta to Overwatch. I jumped in a party chat with my friends that i play with on a daily basis we talk among ourselves then we all boot up the game together and form the team. I went and grabbed RoadHog right off the bat cause he looks funny with his big pudgy belly. The round begins and i rush to defend checkpoint A with my fellow teammates. I fire off my short ranged shotgun and get my first kill as i feel the controls out. I dip around the corner and drink down a health potion and pop out from the corner and fire off my mid-range shotgun and get my second kill as we are holding down checkpoint A.

I run into a closed area with my fellow teammate she is playing as Mercy she heals me back up to full health. Then she runs behinds me and attached on to me with her buffing powers. I exit the closed area and throw my chain out and pull in my next victim and I hit ad killed him with my melee weapon. I turn to my left and hit my special weapon and whipped out my gatling gun and started spraying it and watching my kill streak stack up. When my streak ends I turn to the right and got one shotted by Hanzo by his killer bow. I respawned back into the game I pick Bastion this time around. I run to check point A time is against me and my fellow teammates. I position my self back into the closed area my fellow teammate Coolcat_terri that is playing with Mercy gets behinds me again and buffs my attacks I transform into this turret then start spraying my shots all over the map as fast as i can the kill streak climbs up to 25 kills.

I hit my special than become this mobile tank that can launch grenades into the battlefield I get a few more kills in before I get taken out. My team waits for me to respawn I rush back to checkpoint A and we score the victory at last. After scoring the victory with my fellow teammates I knew I was going to like this game it was exciting  and it felt good to work as a team but I knew we had to get better and stronger. The day was most pretty much done I tell my fellow friends thanks for a good game and that i had to go for the night.

Saturday was here and I woke up for the day to begin. I get cleaned up and get my chores around the house done and get something to eat. I finish the dishes and can’t stop thinking of playing Overwatch again. I run back up to my game room and tell the Xbox to turn on with my voice the Xbox and Tv turn on and I get my controller out of the charging dock and grab my turtle beach headset. My friends and I we get back in party chat to get the ball rolling. We all fire up Overwatch again for the day. I grab Soldier 76 and wait for the match to start. The door opens up and the match begins we rush to the objective. This time we have to escort a vehicle and fight off the other team that was matched up against us. I begin to stick and move around the vehicle that we are escorting and shooting the enemies as fast i can with my assault rifle and get a kill streak of 5 we hit the next checkpoint and the timer goes up. I see the enemy Hanzo up on the high ground along with a Bastion they take aim at me then kill me first i quickly respawn. Hanzon then comes down and runs up close and hits his special then transforms into this amazing killer dragon and wipe my whole team and I out in one swoop.

I tell my fellow teammates that we need to group up and work as a team cause we were all working against each other. My one friend on Xbox Gunflame345 starts ranting and raving and throwing out mad rage. we tell him to calm down and relax and get his mind at easy. We try to get the team focused and to get back on track. We all take a deep breath and rush back to the vehicle. I respawn back in and pick up Reinhardt he is one of the few tanks in the game i pop open a shield and push up towards the front of the line and deflecting the bullets for my team as them kill the other team we are playing against. My shield breaks we reach the next checkpoint and I die.

I begin to get a little ticked off cause we are so close to victory. I respawn back in with Roadhog I slowly run back up to the front with my fellow teammate i start laying waste and stacking up the kills as i shoot them down with my guns and chains. my fellow mate Gunflame345 respawns back in with Torbjorn he jumps up on top to the vehicle and throws down his turret. he stands behind it and starts upgrading it to a level two turret and it kills the other team. I am standing behind th vehicle and pushing it forward to the last checkpoint for the win. We all celebrate the victory again but I knew that we had more work to do to get better and stronger as a team. After playing Overwatch this weekend i knew I was going to buy it cause the game was amazing and it was really fun.

What are some games you played this weekend? let me know in the comments and keep an eye out for our other writers to share their gaming stories with you on Weekend Warrior.

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