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The Weekend Warrior – The Taken King Has Finally Fallen

This past weekend was an eventful one for me. I played quite a few games over the weekend and one stood out than the rest because of how satisfying it was when I finally completed it.

On Saturday, I was playing a couple of games that lasted quite long. Although they weren’t that exciting for me as I didn’t feel accomplished after playing thrm. Towards the end of the day, I got on my Xbox One and started playing some GTA V. That was short lived though as I found my friend playing Destiny and decided to invite to GTA V. It did not work and I ended up getting on Destiny, a game I had neglected for months because I have gotten bored with it. We decided to finally tackle the raidz, King’s Fall, after not being able to complete it (due to varies of reasons) since the Taken King DLC released. He went to the store for a couple hours as I practiced Destiny again to get the feel of it. He came back and sadly enough, we got distracted. We started to play some Player versus Player then did Level 41 Prison of Elders with another friend. It was around three AM where I finally brought up the fact that we were suppose to do the raid. “Well, then get people.” Oh boy.

The Forums.

I went to the Destiny forums where it was easy to pick up people right away by just posting on the Raid tag. You state what system, what raid, your play style, who you want and so on. I spent at least twenty minutes┬átrying to get a group. The fish just weren’t biting; although, it was three-twenty in the morning.. Then, I wrote another post, rearranged a few things and then BOOM. I started getting spammed for invites. I decided we needed a decent amount of people with a light level above 305 or 310. I also was informed by my two friends that it would be a good idea to get a Warlock and two Titans in since we already have two hunters and one Warlock. I evaluated the people who volunteered for this raid and invited them in. We had gotten our six people. It was finally time to complete this raid.

The Beginning

We spawned and completed the black orb part fairly quickly. We split up in three teams: two go to the left, two stay in the middle and two go to the right. I stayed with my friend in the middle of the room to clear out the enemies. As the other two teams progressed with the black orbs needed to place at a statue, we killed the extra enemies spawning in and the extra barriers for both sides so they can slam dunk the orb quickly before the timer runs out. We completed it and thus, the portal opened up. We rushed on through and continued the raid. Many of you know the jumping puzzle here. We jumped atop the moving balls or urns (I think they look like urns) and breezed on through to the next area where you must complete the ship jumping puzzle. Oh, wasn’t this fun. If you subclass isn’t properly equipped, you’re going to be dying. A lot. That’s what happened to me, but not because I wasn’t properly equipped, but because I am horrible at platformers. Eventually, we timed our jumps just right and got through the ships’ sequences. We calmly advanced to the next couple of rooms and got to the part where you must power the glyph. This is where a jerk decided to leave without saying a word. I had to go back to the forums and everyone had to wait. Throughout the search, I was scared someone might leave. Although, no one did and I did manage to find someone else. In this room, we communicated fairly well and the couple of new raiders learned the sequences quickly. Of course though, this is the raid and mistakes happen. We had to restart a couple of times because of confusion on when to switch out players and where to go. Nevertheless, the door opened and we were greeted with the first boss room.

The Warpriest

Again, we split up. Two on left, two in the middle and two on the right. I was in the middle with my friend who called out the sequence on when to step on the plates to match the glyphs. We managed to actually get pretty fair on our first run. Yes, our first run. We died eventually, but not before getting his health to about 30%. We got too cocky and the brand holder didn’t know how holding the brand worked; thus, when you combine the two errors together, it led to our downfall. Our second attempt was short lived because I messed up the glyph sequence by calling out the wrong order. My bad. Our third attempt was our successful one. On our first run on hurting the boss, we got his health to about less than half. We had increased damage due to bubbles dropped and the brand stacking on top of itself which helped greatly. I pulled out my Sleeper Stimulate and my Golden Gun with 6x damage while others used their own things. We quickly overpowered him and defeated him on our second glyph sequence.


We continued out journey to kill the Taken King. We navigated the maze without breaking a sweat. I remember the path from my previous runs and the ones who didn’t know the path followed me. We got out and it was finally time to defeat Golgoroth. So easy. We communicated well and I got the job duty of holding his gaze while the rest plowed into his stomach. We killed off the smaller enemies quickly and they prepared the orb to fall down and their bubbles. I caught hold of his gaze and tried to survive the little orbs coming to killed me. We repeated this three times before he finally died. Easy. It’s time to move on. To another puzzle. This one was fairly easy and quite fun actually. We must jump to the paths along the wall without getting launched across the room to our deaths. Again, fairly easy and we continued on to Oryx’s daughters.

Daughters of Oryx

Before getting to the next room, my friend left to change characters and another random player left our game. I had to go back on the forums AGAIN and quickly find someone else before my team started second guessing this cause. Luckily enough, I found someone else and my friend returned. At first, we seemed like a room full of toddlers who didn’t know what to do because of how disorganized we were but the new people quickly caught on and we started doing work. We did make mistakes however, which resulted in us restarting a bit. Now, it’s about 7 o’clock in the morning for me at this point. We were getting annoyed and my friend started mouthing off. This made one of the guys say “you know what” and just raged quit. Now, before I lost my entire group, I quickly got another guy from the forums and invited him. We continued with the Daughters and quickly defeated them after another attempt or two. Finally.

The Taken King, Oryx

At this point, I am blind. I have become a newbie again. I have gotten to this point of the raid before but my entire team left before we could finish and we never teamed up again which resulted in my progress getting resetting. We all had to listen to my friend, who had done the raid countless time, and take notes like we were in school. Like always though, we managed to communicate. My friend and I got our two plates because there was no way we were going to be runner and risk messing it all up. My experienced friend got the middle with a random, and two randoms got the first plate and runner duty. We died about four times but each time we died, we advanced a little further. The progress we made kept waking me up and I got my second wind. Towards the end, when it was ready to set off the orbs, we panicked. We all ran into our orbs to detonate it, which would cause Oryx to stagger, and at the corner of my screen, I kept seeing “Guardian Down!” which caused me to rush into my orb and die there. We all started groaning because we thought we failed again but it went off. It staggered Oryx! There were only two guardians left at this point but they managed to kill Oryx quickly before he killed them and we won. We finally won. We all started cheering and commenting on how close that was. I was dead tired and so were a few others. We quickly disbanded the team and I was left with my two friends. We went to the tower quickly to sort our stuff but then I logged off. I was ready for bed. It was 8:20 in the morning.

On Sunday, I took it fairly easy. I played some Galaga on my Xbox One and almost best my high score of 51,000. I noticed that I had gotten better with that game, where at first I was terrible at it. Then, I played some DOOM. I am in love with DOOM. I spent my time completing the rest of my challenges and smashing in demon heads. It was a calm Sunday. Well deserved.

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