The Weekend Warrior- The Great War: Battlefield 1 Beta

I returned to do another edition of The Weekend Warrior set during the Great War. To start the weekend, I go back in time to fight in the Great War. I boot up the Battlefield 1 Beta and quickly place myself in a match of a 64 player match of Conquest. I choose the Assault class and quickly realize I’m on the losing team (losing about ten points as we’d just started) as I am gunned down in less than thirty seconds of running through an open field – No man’s land.

All points were captured but Point C with Point A and B being in the process of being captured. I set up shop at Point C to defend what is considered our home base for now. I go to one of the roofs right next to Point C with turrets attached to the sandbags and keep an eye out for any enemies. At this point I realize I can’t properly defend without an actual sniper – I can only hope the enemies I spot are close enough so I can get a direct hit with this assault rife. For the time being, I used control bursts.

All was relatively quiet. The sounds of distant gunshots and the screams of my men as they are being torn to shreds were all I could hear through my TV screen. I felt bad I wasn’t really helping out directly, fighting by my teammates to the death. This was the strategic move I chose and I was going to keep by it for now. “Point A captured” the announcer said. A brief moment of relief. “Point B captured” the announcer said. Maybe we can turn this around. We’re only losing by forty points. Footsteps. I can hear footsteps but no teammate markers near me other than the edge of the village. I look up at my HUD and see that Point C is being captured. This is it.

I kept crouched behind the sandbags and slowly peeked over them. An enemy is running down the road, I quickly put three good ones in his back but he manages to escape from my grasp. I am a little thankful for this since my spot wasn’t spoiled by the “Death Cam” which would’ve highlighted me bright red; although I did miss on a kill and points.

The meter had stopped ticking down and stopped midway. I kept watched to make sure no more enemies arrived to help. I now have a couple teammates with my on the roof at this point to help me guard this point as they try to take it. We are all lined up guarding the area. This was the calm before the storm. For a moment my teammates and I were calm and relaxed. Then sipping past one of them, a bullet penetrates my other teammates head leaving his lifeless body next to us. A sniper was targeting us.

We quickly went down on our stomachs and stayed prone. We crawled across the roof to better cover where we linked up together. We can hear tank wheels coming in from what seemed like the northwest of the point – enemy occupied zone. I quickly realized that this may end our little teams current life and I had dread looking at the respawn screen as the enemy gets the upper hand in the match, but we were not alone.

More activity was coming around Point C. My teammates were spawning on me and running down into the heat as more enemies rushed in with their tank. “Enemy fire!” the players’ character would yell as the tank shot at them. I see another pair of wheels roll up in the village – our teammate with the backup fire power. Now the big battle was going on at Point C. We currently have it on lock down.

I crouch up to peek over the sandbag and quickly kill two enemies before the sniper takes me out and leaves my brains all over the roof. I changed to the sniper class and quickly go to work. I spawn on my teammate who is sitting on a different roof.I start to snipe the ones running across the battlefield. I rank up a few good hundred points before getting shot from the ground below me. Unbelievably my arm was just barely poking out from over the edge. I unlocked a new sniper rifle and quickly equipped it since it had a better fire rate. Then it hit me and I quickly realize it doesn’t have a scope.

I take pride in my sniping skill and rush to go “snipe”. I set up from the roof I was previously occupying the first time and sniped the enemies as rushed into the death zone. Adjusting without a scope and taking note in the game’s mechanics, I manage to get a few good kills before getting blown away by a tank. “Point C captured” but not by us. We lost the area.

I spawn on Point F and capture that with ease. I get in a car and drive over to point D as I avoid gun fire. I capture point D and try to make my way back to C before I get quickly gunned down. I try to spawn closest to point C  but the game ended. I forgot to look at the scoreboard throughout the end. We lost the match, this was a sad defeat. I was not really feeling the game at that point, I log off for the day.

The Next Day

I try to give the beta another go and hopefully get a couple wins today.

I log in and was quickly placed into a winning match. Fighting the bloody war for just a few minutes, we win with I having a few kills I was proud of. I stay in the lobby to start the next match but the game crashes. RIP. Let’s try it again. Slowly I open the game again and get put in another Conquest match. This time I was greeted with a game starting up and choose the sniper class to get to work. My teammates and I rush into the desert and quickly capture the unoccupied points. I go back into the village where Point C is and kill off stragglers before capturing the point with my teammates.

I then get on a horse that was sitting there and rode off to Point A to capture it. Seeing an enemy standing out in the open, sniping. I equip my sword, charged them and cut them down but then was quickly shot off the horse by some wondering enemy. A lucky kill for him on that day. Point C was captured by the enemy, since there was no nearby teammates at Point A I  had spawn on  or near Point C to capture it once again.

Death. Death. Death. I kept getting killed all over again without a me making one kill. I got shot in the head, shot from behind, charged and so on. It was terrible time for me. Just when I thought all was lost, I get a few lucky sniper kills while making my way to a roof. I line up my sights with another sniper not paying attention to me, he had no chance. Now, I’m getting kills. Ha! Never mind; I get assassinated by a enemy from behind. Despite the deaths we were capturing Point C.

At this point we should be the winning capture since the match is almost over and we’re almost even. I change tactics and get in a friendly tank and man the machine gun. It’s so hard to see anything on this side so I switch seats but it was an even worse view. Before I can switch seats, a teammate spawns in and now I’m stuck. Great. “Point C captured” and that’s it. In a tank without killing anyone using this machine gun, I am victorious.

Yes, finally. I can end my play session on a victory. A good one. Good game.

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