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The Weekend Warrior- The Frustration Continues

The whole structure for my weekend changed into something that allowed me more free time as I slowly transformed into the Weekend Warrior. On Friday I was blessed with a day off and most of the plans my wife had for Saturday fell apart. I can’t forget to mention that Friday brought epic amounts of rain which meant I wouldn’t be able to perform my normal yard duties around the house. I called it the “Perfect Storm”.

On Friday I jumped head first into Just Cause 3, making a splash as I instantly had a five star rating. Using a stolen helicopter to shoot rockets at a military base will do that to a man. As I worked tiresly to liberate these fine people of  Insula Dracon I felt some frustration building inside of me. I liberated towns and destroyed bases without a worry. When I came upon the large providence of Regno I had more then I could take. I just didn’t care if these people needed my help anymore. I began a murdeous rampage on poor soul that walked in my sights. I needed the darkness.

It was calling to me… In the Dark it was waiting.

Between Friday and Saturday I had this constant feeling of frustration. A sickening feeling that just ate at me as I continued to ignore it. Dark Souls 3 was waiting for me to come back. Other games had come out that need my attention first. The free-to-play Battle Ages was just released during the week. The music to Battle Ages is one of the worst and most irritating things I have heard in a game. It was silenced within the first five minutes. I was only playing it so I could review the damn thing. I call it procrastination.

I slashed and hacked my way through the High Wall of Lothric in Dark Souls 3. Destroying any undead that didn’t get burnt by a dragon. I die over and over again. Each time I would get further in the game that feeling of frustration would  diminish. I mostly stayed in the High Wall while I played, Just enjoying the time I actually had to play.

Everything was going great until I decided to play a little game Battle Ages. I thought It would be fun to take a break with an easy free to play game. The frustration came back with a vengeancd.

Battle Ages turned out to be a complete waste of time. The pure fact that I spent three hours playing it to boost my gamerscore is just sad. I learned my lesson on that Saturday night, I just won’t play these cheap games any more. I did gain 100 points on one achievement though by just winning ten matches in a row.

What games did you get to play this past weekend? Look for more writers to share their gaming stories on Weekend Warrior every week.

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