The Truth Behind The 12 Episode Season Of Attack On Titan!

If you are a fan of Attack On Titan and were disappointed by the announcement of a 12 episode season and wanted answers, look no more. According to an article on Goboiano Thomas Romain an animator who works in the industry, released some information on Twitter regarding the hardships that goes on within the anime business.

He goes on to say that.

With new actors like Netflix, Amazon in the US and Huge Chinese investors, Japanese anime studios are being asked to produce more and more.

The problem : you need years to train production staff + anime schools are closing in Japan. Less and less people want to work in this field

Thomas also explained about the misconception that fans may have about the industry. He talks about where the money actually goes when fans buy the games and licensed products. According to Romain “The money doesn’t go to the animation studios, it goes to the right holders, the production committee” meaning all that Attack on Titan merchandise you have has not directly supported the studio.

Another question a fan asked Romain is how could Studio Wit possibly take 4 years to produce 12 episodes ? Thomas responded that the studio did not take 4 years to complete the 12 episode season, that it only took a couple of months.

This isn’t a shock for those invested in the anime industry and know the hardships that the manga writers and the animators go through. However, for the casual fans this does come off as alarming especially since we all have love for the industry. Do not fear, Romain did offer advice for all who wish to make a difference within the industry.

There you have it! If you love the industry please support it as much as you can so we can continue to enjoy the entertainment that the manga artist and animators create for us. If not for them none of us would have all these fond memories from of our childhood.

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