September 2018 Games With Gold

The September 2018 Games With Gold Have Been Announced

The September 2018 Games with Gold have been revealed on Xbox Wire and unfortunately, it’s a weaker offering than last month. Still, there’s a lot of variety, with a top-down shooter, a LEGO game and more, these games should make some people happy.

Xbox One Games

  • Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition – Normally $29.99 ERP
    • Available from September 1st to September 30th

In Prison Architect you will see the impact of your grand design on the lives of your inmates; be it a utopic centre for rehabilitation, a brutal Super Max Prison or anything in between. Even when all of your prisoners’ needs are met, remember one thing – it’s still a prison and no one really wants to be there.

  • Livelock – Normally $9.99 ERP
    • Available from September 16th to October 15th

Livelock is a co-operative top-down shooter where you play solo or with up to two allies to break the cycle of infinite war between machines. As one of the remaining Capital Intellects, your role is to unlock Eden and revive humanity.

Xbox 360 Games

  • LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – Normally $19.99 ERP
    • Available from September 1st to September 15th

Laugh your way through an all-new story that takes you through 16 different systems and experience brand new features like massive ground battles, boss fights, and multi-layered space combat. Expanded Force abilities, brand new weapons, characters, environments, and over 20 story-based missions make this the most action-packed LEGO game to date!

  • Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World – Normally $9.99 ERP
    • Available from September 16th to September 30th

Bring peace back to Monster World in these three classic action RPG titles: Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and for the first time outside of Japan, Monster World IV! Now available for download on Xbox LIVE, the Monster World saga features all new achievements, challenging new trial modes, Xbox LIVE Leaderboards, and recordable and downloadable game sessions!

If you make sure to grab all of the games offered in during August, that’s a total of $69.96 worth of free games. Make sure you don’t forget to download any remaining games from August before the month is over.
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