The Next Battlefield Will Be Revealed on May 23rd

There have been rumors flying back and forth in 2018 about just what the next Battlefield game will be. While tons of different opinions and “leaks” may be out there, we won’t have to speculate for much longer, as EA has confirmed just when we’ll get the reveal for the next Battlefield title. As you can see, by going to this website here, we get a date of May 23rd, 2018, with #Battlefield below the date.

DICE definitely has no small task ahead of them. After all, 2016’s Battlefield 1 found incredible success and was very well received, while Star Wars Battlefront 2 suffered last year from poor reception to microtransactions. Additionally, Call of Duty: WWII arrived with renewed vigor, it’s fair to say whatever form this game takes, it’ll have to deliver. After this community reveal, we’ll no doubt see even more of the game at EA PLAY 2018, which will take place from June 9-11th, 2018.

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