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The Newest Overwatch Hero, Wrecking Ball, Has Been Revealed

It is always an exciting time when Blizzard announces a new character for their team hero shooter Overwatch. The internet caught ablaze in the hype and worry about how the new hero will change the meta, and how the hero could change the whole landscape of the game. Without further ado, let’s meet the latest Overwatch hero, Wrecking Ball.


Wrecking Ball

Real Name:





Mech Pilot, Mechanic

Base of Operations:

Horizon Lunar Colony (formerly), Junkertown (formerly)




Origin Story

“Do not anger the hamster.”

In one of the many experiments carried out at Horizon Lunar Colony, animals were given genetic therapy to assess their adaptation to extended periods of habitation on the moon. As an unexpected side effect, several of them exhibited exceptional growth in physical size and brain function. While most of the test subjects were gorillas or other primates, there were some exceptions, including a hamster named Hammond.

Like the others, Hammond’s intelligence grew, and he became more curious about the world around him. Much to the puzzlement and amusement of the scientists, Hammond would frequently escape into different parts of the moon base. Though they’d always find him and return him to his cell, they never figured out the true purpose behind his nightly escapades. What they didn’t know was that Hammond was busy teaching himself the skills of a mechanic, which would soon come in handy.

The colony was eventually thrown into chaos when some of the gorillas rose up against the human scientists and took control. Not all of the animals participated, however, and one of the gorillas, Winston, was making a plan to escape to earth. Hammond sensed his opportunity. He built a makeshift capsule and secretly hitched it to Winston’s craft as the gorilla blasted off. As the two entered earth’s atmosphere, Hammond broke off and landed in a different location: the wasteland of the Australian Outback.

Hammond modified his escape pod to enter the lucrative mech battle arena of the Scrapyard. Working his way up the ranks, “Wrecking Ball” went from contender to champion, though the pilot’s identity remained a mystery to all. Gathering his winnings, Hammond was able to upgrade his mech enough to survive the dangerous trek out of the Junker-controlled Outback.

Now free to travel and do as he pleases, Hammond is exploring the world and finding new adventures along the way.  



Automatic assault weapons.


Transform into a ball and increase maximum movement speed.


Launch a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the area. Enables high-speed collisions to damage and knock back enemies.


Deploy a massive field of proximity mines.


Create temporary personal shields. The amount increases with more enemies nearby.


Slam into the ground below to damage and launch enemies upward.

Screen Shots of Hammond & Wrecking Ball
While there is no current solid release date for Wrecking Ball, PC players of Overwatch will be able to play him in PTR servers today!
Are you excited for Hammond and Wrecking ball to smash there way into Overwatch? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the latest gaming news and information.
Nicholas D.
Nicholas D.http://Ticgamesnetwork.com
Gamer, of 20+ years experience, started on PC and now I game on everything! Proud father of two, and an avid fan of RPG's.

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