The Minecraft Movie Has Been Delayed

It seems that fans waiting to see the hit game Minecraft on the big screen will have to wait a little longer. The director/writer has left the film according to The Wrap. Rob McElhenney is leaving the movie due to creative differences.  For those people that don’t know who he is – you just need to go out and watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That is the show that he helped to create.

Two new writers tackle the script for Minecraft with Aaron and Adam Nee taking over directing and writing. The movie was originally supposed to be released on May 24th, 2019. Personally, I was annoyed that the Minecraft movie was taking time away from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia since so much of the show is actually done by Rob McElhenney. The 13th season of the show will premiere on September 5th.

At this moment no time frame was given on when the Minecraft movie will be coming out. When more information is released we here at The Inner Circle will have it for you.

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