The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel’s Future Video Games No Longer Connected


Marvel fans, I have some awesome news for you. The Marvel Cinematic universe and Marvel’s future video games will no longer be connected. In a interview by VentureBeat with Head of Marvel’s Video game department, Jay Ong stated that Marvel characters will not be linked to upcoming movies. He goes on to say that they are moving away from that approach, and that the game developers will create a new universe that the character can thrive and grow.

There is also bad news. The bad news is for Marvel; they saw the poor sales and reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man resulting in money lost in their investment. The sales were so poor it didn’t even sell 700,000 copies to this very day. The good news is for the fans, the consumer, and the developers. Developers can give their take on the character, craft specific mechanics for the character, and develop a new experience for the character. The developers don’t have to be tied down by the existing continuity, they can just create their own. The more freedom they have equal a much better game. A better game equals 60 dollars well spent.

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