The Mandalorian: Episode Four Review: Sanctuary

This week’s episode of The Mandalorian, we find our two new favorite Star Wars characters hiding from bounty hunters and helping out a small village besieged by raiders. Of course, we get more baby Yoda being adorable, I just can’t get enough of that little guy.


After the epic events from the last week’s episode, we find Mando and Baby Yoda on a lookout for a quiet place to hideout. Sorgan has everything the two are looking for. Little does Mando know a small village will need his help. Upon arrival to this backwater planet, the Mandalorian makes a discovery, former Rebel fighter Cara Dune. It seems that Cara Dune has decided to hide here after her time in the Rebellion. Think of it as her early retirement. 

Without truly ruining this episode with spoilers, it is safe to say that the plot was a little boring. The hero arrives just at the perfect moment to save the village, its in all the westerns. The recycled plot does work in this episode, Baby Yoda drinking soup as the two fight added much-needed humor to the episode. We all knew that this planet wouldn’t be suitable for Baby Yoda to live on. Not will all those bounty hunters after him. The story took a small detour that showed us how devoted Mando is to be a Mandalorian. It’s great to see the history of this culture being explored. I’m hoping for some more interference from the remaining pieces of the Empire.


The actress that played Cara Dune, is a former fighter, Gina Carano. She did an outstanding job as the retired Rebel fighter. At this point, I hope to see her land in a future episode. You can tell that some time has passed between episodes three and four. Mando is now more protective of Baby Yoda than he was before, it’s more fatherly.  

With the villagers fighting the raiders we have a brief moment of pure Star Wars lore. The evil empire taking what they want from whomever, becoming complacent in their actions. With no consequences, the raiders became complacent in their actions. Even with having an AT-ST at their side couldn’t stop them from losing. Every actor in this show is really working at becoming their characters. I have to agree with Jason, the only moment that threw me off was in the first episode when Creed( Carl Weathers) started giving out bounties.


I enjoy seeing the other side of the Star Wars story, not just the Sith and Jedi. Watching this episode reminded me of the Ewok movies. A backwater planet with no real authority, a place for drifters and the bunch to live life. Bryce Dallas Howard did a fantastic job of bringing that sense of simplicity to life. Adding in some moments that teased at the possible future of The Mandalorian was nice, we all know though this is not the kind of life you retire from.


The fourth episode almost gave Baby Yoda a place to live. It seems that we will have to finish the season to see what will happen to him and the Mandalorian. Right now it all seems like it’s going to be headed to some showdown with members of the former Empire. The anticipation between each episode has really helped the shows buzz. I myself like the fact that we can’t binge all the episodes at once. We only have two more episodes before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is released in theaters on December 20th. Hopefully, we get some more clarity on why everyone is after this child.

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