The Kraken From Sea of Thieves Is Massive and Awesome

Rare’s upcoming Sea of Thieves is a ridiculously fun game and the developers are planning lots of expansions for your inner pirate to exploit. We’ve known for a while that the Kraken will appear in the game and a user on 4Chan confirmed that this encounter is currently being tested by insiders. Violating the terms of the non-disclosure agreement, this player used his phone to capture some images of the mythical beast as his crew encountered it.

I have resisted the temptation to use one of these photos as the featured image for this article and I have not displayed them yet because I wanted to give you a chance to back out if you don’t want to spoil your future experience with the Kraken. See that image of the lovely in-game sunset below? You’ll have until that point to exit this article. After that, images of the legendary sea monster will be shown.

Sea of Thieves Closed Beta
Now that’s a sunset

Okay, here we go. As you can see, the Kraken is massive and can engage multiple ships simultaneously. You might even be sailing along and see other ships battling against the monster.

Finding the Kraken battling other player ships affords you a golden opportunity. If you want to you can help them take down the beast and potentially score some impressive loot. Alternatively, you might wait for those other pirate crews to slay it and then you can sweep in and raid their ships for the treasure.

The Kraken has all sorts of ways to make your life miserable. It can pick you up and fling you into the ocean. It can eat you. Its tentacles can punch holes all over your ship and every other ship around it at the same time.

You might even find that the damned monster has wrapped its tentacle around your ship. You’ll need to attack those tentacles to beat the Kraken but don’t let that spurting ink distract you.

Sea of Thieves releases for Game Pass, Xbox One and Windows 10 on March 20th. No word as of yet when the Kraken will be added into the game but we will be sure to let you know.

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